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The Kanjivaram sarees or even more popularly known as the Kanchipuram silk, is one of the most popular silk sarees if not the most popular silk sarees that are found in the entire country of India. In due course of time the Kancheepuram silk sarees have become pretty famous all over the world as well. But, most of the people do not know anything about the Kanjivaram silk except for the fact that its origin is in the state of Tamil Nadu. But, there’s much more to the best silk of India than that.

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Mythological origin

The people of India believe that the origin of the Kancheepuram silk sarees online shopping  is from the fact that the weavers who had first introduced this silk to the world were the weavers of God himself, who had to weave out clothes for the Gods from the petals of the Lotus flower. Lord Vishnu’s favourite clothing was considered to be made up of silk. So, the Kanjivaram sarees origin is quite deep rooted.

Weaving of the Kanjivaram silk

The silk threads which are used to weave the Kanjivaram silk saree’s are found the mulberry leaves which are generally found near the southern end of the state of Tamil Nadu. The mulberry silk that is used for the purpose of weaving the silk sarees is of the highest quality. While weaving the Kanjivaram sarees, the main weaver stay’s on the right side while his wingman stays on the left side. It has to be also mentioned that the weaving process of the silk sari includes three shuttles. If the pallu has a very delicate and subtle design to with hold, then the design of the pallu is done separately and after completing it, the pallu is joined with the rest of the sari. The edge along which the pallu and the rest of the sari meet generally has a zigzag pattern. So, you can clearly visualise that the Kanjivaram sarees weaving process is quite an exotic one.

The Kanjivaram saris designing

The kind of designs which are generally found in the silk sarees or rather any kind of sarees in India are the broad temple designs, the stripes, the checks or even the floral. These designs have always been the orthodox sari designs. However, the Kanjivaram sarees designs are not appreciated all around the country because they bring some originality and some amount of authenticity in their sarees designs when they follow the designs that are on their temples’ walls or the drawings of their country’s epics such as the Ramayana or the Mahabharata. The unique and the exotic designs and patterns and drawings that are exhibited on the sarees pallus are a sight to watch.

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Popularity of Kanjivaram sarees online shopping at kanjivaramsilks.com

The Kanjivaram sarees popularity has grown slowly over the past few decades and now in the 21st century with the advent of the western clothes people have started regarding the value of the Kanjivaram silk sarees even more highly. This growing popularity of the silk sari has helped India in the task of preserving its art and culture in one of the very best possible manner.