indian wedding sarees

Celebrate your big day with stunning outfit- indian wedding sarees. India is a country of amazing culture and tradition. Every small occasion in the country reflects its unique tradition.  In fact, India is respected across the world for its wonderful culture and tradition and saree is the symbolic representation of the same. The relation between Indian wedding and sarees is evident across all states of the country in spite of its varied cultures.  Whether you are choosing to conduct a wedding in a banquette, beach or going for a destination wedding, the biggest decision taken by the bride on that special day is regarding the outfit will have a strong impact on her looks. Either you choose to get married within the country or outside the country, if you are keen on reflecting your traditions in the occasion, none other than wedding saree could be the best option. browse here kanjivaram silks

chilli red indian wedding sarees

What is special about Indian wedding sarees?


Indian weddings are lavish in nature. People spend some lakhs and crores of rupees to celebrate weddings. If you belong to such category, you may not worry about the price of the indian wedding saree. However, if you fix a budget for your wedding saree, you will get an option to filter the choice among the wide range available. You can choose anything from expensive Banarsi saree to cheap katan silk saree.

 Saree style

The beauty of Indian wedding saree is they are not only available in various price ranges but also in different styles like semi stitched sarees, lehenga cum saree. These indian wedding sarees could be a wonderful option for the bride who is finding difficult to drape a normal saree. A semi stitched saree keeps you free from the worry of making pleats. Just wear it and tuck it properly to get outstanding looking. Semi- stitched saree is the latest trend in the market; you may not get a wide range of options when you choose to go by them.


Indian wedding sarees gives you the flexibility of draping in different styles. These drape styles are mostly attached to the traditions of that particular state and change the total outlook of the bride depending on the style you choose. You should keep in mind about your draping style before you choose fabric and color of the saree. If you are draping in the Bengali style, kanchivaram saree will fit the best with matching blouse designs. If your draping style is normal south Indian, both Banarasi and kanchivaram look stunning.

Border of the saree 

Different come with various types of borders. The borders of these wedding sarees are designed to suit every Indian tradition. Wedding saree with heavy borders is available in the market to suit traditions that need wearing veil or ghoonghat. However, brides who don’t want to go for heavy borders just to address traditional ceremonies pick the wedding saree with the smaller border and wears rich and heavy work dupatta to meet the traditional needs of an Indian wedding.